Weekly Briefings

Oxford House Research publishes ‘Weekly Briefings’ papers on topical and global issues authored by associates and a range of external contributors. These are freely available on the website here and are available as a regular email for all members as well as being posted on all our social media profiles.


Global events or issues often merit longer reflection than is suitable for our Weekly Briefings. ‘Spotlight’ papers are available for members (including free tier) on the website here. Email notifications are also available.

Oxford House Papers

OHR is constantly updating its portfolio of specialist analyses and advisory resources. ‘Oxford House Papers’ can be bought individually (₤15/$20 each) or as part of a Membership package (see link). New ‘Oxford House Papers’ are usually available monthly. Papers currently available:

  • ‘Cracking the North Korean conundrum’
  • ‘Faith in a fragmenting world’
  • ‘Cultural, ethical and religious perspectives on the 2016 US Presidential Election’
  • ‘ISIS and the problem of identity’
  • ‘Government with integrity’
  • ‘Britain and the EU: what would wisdom say?’
  • ‘Making sense of extremism’
  • ‘Models of Society: Faith, forms and political imagination’
  • ‘Thinking water’
  • ‘Religion and Responsibility’
  • Expert reports are also available on ‘Risks to Christians in China’ (available to members only)
  • ‘”Fighting for India’s soul”: hope, hate and the Citizenship (Amendment) Act 2019’

To purchase any of these papers, or to learn more about OHR’s resources, please contact us via our online form here.

Webinars, Seminars, & Discussion Dinners


OHR ‘Webinars’ provide an important forum for information, discussion and the development of critical thought. Numbers are limited to ensure maximum participation and interaction. Hosted by OHR Associates and invited guests, participants will have an opportunity to derive up to date information and cutting-edge analysis.

Every effort will be made to accommodate requests for particular topics and convenient timing for international participants.

‘Webinars’ are available as part of a Membership package (see link) or for purchase (OHR offers regular ‘Webinars’ and ‘Seminars’ for Members or for purchase (₤75 each).


OHR ‘Seminars’ provide participants with an opportunity to attend a short course to develop their understanding of specific topics, e.g. Islam, China, Business Ethics, Good Government, Principles for Reconciliation.

Costs for ‘Seminars’ are, on average, ₤50 per session.

Discussion Dinners

A ‘Professional Membership’ includes ‘Members Only’ Discussion Dinners. These will be advertised on the website and through direct mailings to Members. Each dinner will have an invited Guest Speaker and an extended time for Q&A.

Costs for ‘Discussion Dinners’ ₤40-£80 each.

Consultancy & Facilitation Services

Over the years, OHR has provided advice to governments, NGOs, corporations and individuals. In addition, it has arranged, hosted and facilitated public and private meetings for mixed groups of clients. The nature, content, aims and costs of these services are agreed in advance.