Why & How

Oxford House’s (OHR) vision is to act in an enlightened and effective way to promote global harmony and inspire human flourishing. To fulfil its vision, in a credible and effective way, OHR’s ethos is international, compassionate, moral, practical and inclusive.

OHR’s primary mission is to ensure complex cultural, ethical and religious dimensions to world affairs are fully integrated in academic analysis and institutional decision-making. To achieve this, Oxford House offers a broad range of services to governments, institutions, and individuals world-wide to enhance their understanding, encourage their engagement and empower their actions to be sophisticated, practical, ethically rigorous and effective.

OHR was founded in 2010, inspired in part by 9/11 and prolonged conflict in Northern Ireland, the Middle East, North and sub-Saharan Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan – and, indeed, many other parts of the world – where culture, spirituality, and religious institutions, determined the history, rationale and character of the conflict and of society, its leaders, military, media, dreams, education, popular past-times, and prevailing ethical norms.

The world has changed much since 2010, but the need for careful study and wise engagement with its complex cultural and religious identity has not.

Over the years, OHR has acted to network academics, specialist analysts, diplomats, politicians, advocacy groups and businesses to safeguard the depth, accuracy, relevance and impact of their engagement with the world. By cross-fertilising perspectives and encouraging a generous, courageous, creative quest for the ‘common good’, OHR has won many friends. Often working behind the scenes in complex situations, it has promoted peace and human flourishing by encouraging patience, integrity, humility, and acceptance of cultural and religious diversity.

Not all will accept the gentle, discrete, thoughtful moderation that OHR commends. We hope, however, you will.

Modus Operandi

Drawing on an experienced team of academics and other professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds and viewpoints, Oxford House connects first-class ideas to world class action. It has built its reputation on the quality of its analysis and civility of its approach.

Oxford House’s blend of visionary idealism and practical realism has made it attractive to policy makers and diplomats, corporate leaders and NGOs, frustrated theorists and discouraged governments. Believing no person or situation is irredeemable, Oxford House goes the extra mile to imagine and enable wholesome, holistic change … for the better.

No two situations are identical. Solutions to problems will differ. Creativity is essential – as are trust, integrity, discretion, and clarity of vision, to deliver exemplary, long-lasting results.

Recent projects have included work on China, India, North Korea, Albania, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Britain and the EU.

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