News 23rd October 2020

After a slight late-summer and early-autumn hiatus (partly seasonal and partly caused by the volume of other work) Oxford House ‘news’ now comes back on stream, with apologies for the delay.

From the last few days:

  • Rahil Patel and I have now completed and circulated a new (17pp.) paper on India: ‘Religious relations’: Modi, the Hindu Rashtra and India’s new internationalism’. The paper looks at Prime Minister Modi’s ‘style’ of government at home and abroad. We are, as ever, grateful to have the advice of experts around the world in preparing OH papers. The paper is available through
  • We are honoured that Dr. Lars Laamann (SOAS), an expert on the history (modern and cultural) of China, Dr William Olhausen (based in Dublin and working on Ireland, Europe and ‘public theology’) and Scott Crosby (based in New York, and studying urban and cultural issues) have joined our OH Associates. 
  • My latest book for Bloomsbury on historic E-W relations is at last (!) at the printers ( The book is about the mutual impact of China and the West on one another over the last 2000 years. Hopefully, it will reduce some of the present tension. The book is due to be published on December 10. Though the hardback is pricey, I hope it can find its way onto library shelves and in front of readers who can use it for good purposes. A cheaper paperback edition is, I believe, planned!

Please always let us know of issues you think we should be addressing.
All good wishes,

Christopher Hancock