Rahaf Aldoughli

The Middle East and North Africa, Women and conflict, Sectarianism in Syria

Dr Rahaf Aldoughli is an esteemed academic who holds the position of lecturer at Lancaster University, where she specializes in the field of Middle East and North African studies. In addition to her academic position, she holds the position of Director of Research at the Harmoon Center. Dr Aldoughli has received several esteemed awards for her research pursuits, including funding from Women in International Security (WIIS) in Washington, DC, the Kroc Institute Fellowship, XCEPT, and the Arab Center for Graduate Studies.

The focal points of her interdisciplinary research include nationalism, sectarianism, and political attitudes. Dr Aldoughli is an exceptionally productive writer who, in July 2024, will issue a book named “Romancing Masculinity in Baathist Syria: Gender, Ideology, and Identity” through Manchester University Press. In addition, she is currently engaged in the production of a second book that delves into the topic of sectarianism in Syria. This publication, anticipated to be released in 2024, is set to be published by IB Tauris.

Dr Aldoughli’s present research interests revolve around political violence and behavior within the context of the Syrian Civil War. She focuses her fieldwork on researching Syrian combatants and armed factions, specifically on the dominant armed organizations that have authority over northern Syria. Her work makes a substantial contribution to our understanding of the intricacies within the region and the various components of conflict dynamics.