News 20th April 2021

I am delighted to welcome as new Senior Associates Prof. William Inboden, an expert on US foreign policy, who heads the Carter Center at the University of Texas, Austin), Prof. Remco Breuker, an eminent Koreanist at Leiden University, and Randy Tift, an old friend with extensive international and development experience, who was until recently a senior figure in USAID. We are honoured to have them as part of the OH team. 
It is also a privilege to be joined by two outstanding new post-docs as Research Associates: Dr. Tomasz Sleziak (University of Bochum, Ruhr) and Dr. Alexander Garton (until v recently Cambridge University). Both work on Asian philosophy and its cultural implications. 
As I look at increasing numbers of readers of the OH ‘Weekly Briefing’, it is hugely encouraging to find the themes addressed resonate with many around the world.
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